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Elf Camo Concealer Vs Tarte Shape Tape

When this concealer first came out, it was already sold out in store. Then last week I watched the Jeffree Star Elf video where he raved about this concealer and the Elf foundation. So I ran back to the store to pick up both products. The concealer was still sold out! The only color shade left was in the shade light peach. I wasn’t sure if the color would work for me or not, but I grabbed it anyway.

The ELF 16 hours Camo concealer is being constantly raved about as the $5 dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape concealer. It claims to be full coverage, long wearing, creamy, and conceal dark circles.

Elf Camo Concealer/Tarte Shape Tape Concealer

Here’s the thing, yes I own the Shape Tape concealer, but I don’t love it. Shape Tape was all the rage after it came out, so I was excited to run out and grab it. It just doesn’t work for me, and I have tried it in various different ways with no luck. Yes it has great coverage, but for me personally it’s too thick and drying under the eyes.

I didn’t have my hopes up for the ELF concealer. I knew it would probably be too drying for me just as the Shape Tape. But I did hope it would be just a tiny bit better than the Tarte.

In swatches, the Elf appears to be more creamier and pigmented than the Tarte. This also goes for first applying under the eye before blending in. Before blending the Elf looked promising and I thought it actually might work well!

And then I blended it in, or tried to anyway. The Elf concealer had a very hard time blending into my skin. I used a damp beauty blender for both sides, and also added the Elf down my nose. The Elf was very patchy and streaky, no matter how many times I patted it in. Right away, it sunk in and accentuated every single fine line and pore. It honestly looked horrible!

Here is the after, after I applied the Elf Flawless foundation and powdered my face. Yes I know it looks awful overall. I honestly think I was just having a really bad skin day, or some of the products I used weren’t working well together.

Because I knew I was going to be using thick concealer, I moisturized with a beauty oil. I also used a glowing face primer mist beforehand. I’m thinking these combinations didn’t go together very well.

First impression wise, the ELF Camo Concealer was an absolute fail for me. It’s even worse than the Shape Tape, which surprised me a bit. Both of my under eyes felt like the Sahara Desert all day and I couldn’t wait to wash it all off.

This is the final look after finishing the rest of my makeup. I decided to go with a green look for St. Patty’s Day coming up! Both sides look very dry and cakey, and it was just a hot mess overall.

I’m going to keep trying to use different moisturizers, primers, and powders to see if the concealer and foundation work better. If I do find a combination that works or if I decide it’s a lost cause and pass it on, I’ll let you all know!

If you have found a way to make either of these concealers work better for you, I’m definitely open to any suggestions!

Thanks for reading!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored or affiliated. I purchased these items with my own money and these are my 100% honest opinions.