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Full Face of Makeup Under $10

Happy hump day! Before diving into the post, I just wanted to address my hiatus last week. I was super under the weather with strep throat and a double ear infection. But I’m feeling much better today and excited to get back to the blogging world!

Today I have for you a full face of makeup I ordered from Amazon, all under $10. I’ve been playing with these products for a few weeks now, and I’m excited to share my thoughts with you!

Pedison Aromatic Face Oil $8

First things first, moisturizer! I’ve been on the hunt for a good beauty oil for a while now. Because my skin is so dry, I feel like a beauty oil under my makeup is the best choice for me right now.

This face oil I found on Amazon is natural, non greasy, lightweight, moisturizing, and nourishing. It’s also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin, which is a must.

This face oil is very moisturizing, I have been applying it day and night after cleansing my face. I really have been enjoying it however I don’t feel like it does anything for my makeup application like other beauty oils I have tried.

If you’re looking for a moisturizing oil, this is a great and affordable option. If you’re looking for a beauty oil that helps with makeup application, I wouldn’t recommend this oil for that alone.

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops $9.99

I’ve been dying to try the custom cover drops ever since they came out! But I never purchased because of the expensive price. So when I saw these going for under $10 on Amazon, I jumped on that real quick!

I’ve tried the custom cover drops with a few different foundations so far. It adds so much extra coverage with just a few drops added to a foundation. The best part for me, is it doesn’t look cakey at all.

It’s so hard to find a full coverage foundation that isn’t too drying and cakey. But with this, you can add as much coverage as you want or need. Whenever I want a full coverage glam look, I have been using this. I’ve really been loving this, and definitely recommend if you haven’t tried this yet!

NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Wand $7.86

This concealer confuses me. I got the shade light, but its not light at all. It’s very dark and peachy. It’s more of a color corrector than an actual concealer. I don’t mind the color correcting shade, because I do have dark circles.

It doesn’t add any coverage by any means, but it does the job for cancelling out any darkness. I don’t normally use color correctors under the eye because it just adds more product making it look heavier and more dry.

I don’t think it’s something you need to rush out and buy, but if you are on the lookout for a color corrector this one does work and is affordable.

E.L.F. Cream Contour Palette $6

The E.L.F. cream contour palette comes in 4 shades, a highlighting concealer shade and 3 darker bronzing and contouring shades. It says it has vitamin e, hydrates, and pampers skin.

I rarely cream contour, but I do really love the outcome when I do. It just sculpts out your face more and looks more natural than a powder contour.

I carved out my entire face with the palette. The texture is very creamy, not drying or too thick. It doesn’t emphasize any texture or dry spots. The highlighting shade doesn’t have much coverage, but it does a good job and brightening any areas applied.

For the price, I think it’s a great palette. I would reach for this more any time I feel like doing a cream contour. If you’re new to makeup or to cream contouring this is a great option.

Profusion Cosmetics Highlight and Contour $5

This is a powder highlight and contour palette. It has a brightening banana shade, 3 highlights and 2 contouring shades.

First swatched, the pigment is not promising. The highlight shades are very powdery, and the lightest contour shade barely has any pigment.

I used the banana shade under the eyes and anywhere I applied the cream highlight. I then applied the darkest shade to the contour areas. The color shade for me just didn’t work. It’s too muddy looking, it was not flattering.

This palette just did nothing for me. It’s only $5, but I’d still rather spend that elsewhere on something I actually enjoy. Definitely would NOT recommend this product!

Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter, Pearl $7.65

Butter highlighter, arrived in mail broken.

First off, this highlighter smells sooo good! It’s like a coconut tropical paradise!

Here’s the thing, for the longest time I didn’t want to try any other highlighters because I thought nothing could ever compare to the Becca Champagne Pop.

The Pearl highlighter is more of a white shade compared to the champagne gold which I usually gravitate more toward.

But it’s so beautiful on the skin. I was actually surprised by how much I love it. The only thing I don’t like is it’s a little powdery. To fix that, I spray on some setting spray, wait for it to almost fully dry, and then apply highlighter. This helps it apply smoother and more intensely.

If you haven’t tried this highlighter yet, I highly recommend you do!

BH Cosmetics Flawless Brow Trio $7

This product is has a tinted wax for grooming and shaping, and 2 different brow powders. I got it in the shade medium, and its way too dark for me. But I’ve been trying to work with it.

Honestly, I absolutely HATE doing my brows. My natural brows are so thin and barely there. So I have to add a lot of shape and color. For the life of me I can never get the two brows to ever match and it drives me insane!

For me, I didn’t love this product. It could be just because it’s too dark. But this leaves more of a sculpted and drawn out brow, where I prefer a more natural look.

If you like a wax followed by a powder, you might enjoy this. The price is affordable , which is also a plus.

The Burgundy Palette by Duped Cosmetics $4.99

I did not know until after receiving this palette, that it’s suppose to be a dupe for the Kylie Cosmetics Burgundy Palette. I’ve never been a fan of the Kardashian/Jenners, so I would never purchase her palette on my own.

I was drawn more towards the colors in the palette and of course the cheap price. I love burgundy and golds and I use them more often than other colors because I feel like they make blue eyes pop more.

The swatches are very pretty and pigmented. The shadows apply just as well as they swatch. I went more for a burgundy in the crease and outer lid, and a gold on the inner lid. I was surprised how well it actually performed for how cheap it is.

This is a palette I feel like I would reach for a lot. If you feel drawn to these colors and want a good, cheap palette, I would recommend trying this out. I definitely don’t think you’d be disappointed!

4D Silk Fiber Lash Mascara $4.29

I tried to make this “mascara” work so many different ways. It was just not happening for me.

The first tube is a mascara gel, that the fibers are suppose to stick to. Then you apply the fibers, and then add the gel again after.

It was just a hot mess. The fibers did not stick no matter what I did. They fell all over my face, and then continued to fall off even hours afterwards.

I even googled how to use fiber lash mascara thinking I was doing something wrong. But I was applying it exactly how they directed.

I think I’d rather stick to regular mascara from now on! This one in particular did not work at all and do not recommend it!

Beauty Glazed 6pcs Matte Not Faded Lipstick $8.88

I love me a pinkie nude matte lipstick! I was so excited to try these!

First off the colors do not match the color on the packaging. They swatch beautifully, but do not apply that way. They apply very streaky and uneven. When drying down it feels very sticky and drying on the lips.

The staying power is not very long either. I was really disappointed with these lipsticks. None of the colors are very flattering as they appear they would be. And they’re just very uncomfortable to wear.

I will probably be giving these away, I don’t see myself ever using them. If you’re looking for a nudie matter lipstick, I prefer the NYX lip lingerie. They’re amazing and affordable!

Golden Rose Long Wearing Makeup Setting Spray $8.99

I have been really on the hunt for a really good setting spray comparable to the Mac Fix Plus. While I wouldn’t say this is as good as the Mac, it does the job.

It suppose to be suitable for sensitive skin, which I definitely need. I feel like it actually does set and melt my face makeup all together. Apart from that, it doesn’t really do anything extra. I use this every day, multiple times a day and I’ve really been enjoying it.

I think I would repurchase this, and would recommend!

This is the final look after everything has been applied. Overall, most of the makeup was good. There were a few duds, but I think that comes with buying cheap makeup off of Amazon!

Are there any products you love under $10?

Thanks for reading!

DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored or affiliated. I got these products on my own and these are my 100% honest opinions.

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Amazon Makeup Finds Under $15

Did you know you can find high quality cheap makeup products on Amazon?

I do, and well it’s an addiction. I’m searching Amazon everyday for the cheapest makeup finds. Today I’m sharing my makeup finds under $15. In the next 2 weeks I’m going to reveal a full face of Amazon makeup for under $10!

Here are 6 Amazon Makeup finds for under $15…

Mefeir 12pcs Waterproof Lipliner Pencil Set $3

These lipliners are surprisingly good quality for only a couple dollars. The 2 darkest shades are actually eyeliner pencils which I was pleasantly surprised with. Now I’m more of a more nude lip gal, so I don’t reach for these colors often.

I paired the lightest shade of lipliner with a nude pink matte lipstick. The colors are pigmented and creamy. The only negative thing I can say, is not all the colors on the packaging match the true color of application. That being said, I think this is a steal and definitely don’t regret this purchase!

W7 Night Glow Highlight $4.34

This is a cream highlight with a pink tone that gives off a very subtle glow. It’s a “dupe” for the High Beam liquid highlighter. I’m not personally a fan of liquid highlight, BUT I do use this stuff quite often. I’ve mostly use this on a very light makeup kind of day. And this highlight is perfect for that, because it gives off such a natural glow. No shimmers, no glitter, just natural.

I’ve also tried it all over my face as a kind of illuminating primer. Surprisingly it worked! I’ve also mixed a bit in with a foundation and it added just a tad of glow to my face which is so pleasant. So for the price, and multiple ways to use, honestly I highly recommend this. Also, I’ve had this bottle for a long time now and I’m still getting use out of it!!

Silvercell Long Thich Curl Eyelash Mascara $4.79

I specifically remember when and why I ordered this mascara. At the time I desperately needed a cheap mascara for the holidays so I ordered this. Also at the time it was only a little over a dollar. I remember putting it on in the car because I ran out of time to get ready. OMG, fallout and fibers all over my freshly made up face. It was awful!

So it has two wands in one tube. One for fibers and one for mascara. Seriously, the worst mascara I have ever used in my life! Do not even waste your money, this ones a complete fail.

NiceEshop 15 Color Concealer Palette $7.59

First off I have to add that at the time I purchased this palette it was $3.34. However I do still think it’s worth the 7 dollars. Obviously you can tell I love it because I’ve hit pan on a few of the shades. I used up the green color corrector and the lightest shades of concealer.

There’s also a pink tones color corrector and some darker shades for cream bronzing and contouring. Whenever I do cream contour I always use this bad boy. The texture is a little waxy and thin, so it’s not going to give you a lot of coverage. But it’s not drying at all, it’s super easy to blend into the skin. Also easy to blend powders on top of it. Overall, I would repurchase this again and again!

MaryKay Powder Foundation $11.98

I originally ordered this powder foundation in the color beige. I’ve used beige shades before but this one ended up being way too dark for all over my face. But I do sometimes use it as a bronzing powder. My skin is very light, so this shade works beautifully and it adds a bit of extra coverage to the areas I apply it.

The formula is so fine and soft, its like sticking your finger into a fluffy cloud. My skin is really dry, and this does not stick to any dryness or give a very powdery look. Also great for sensitive skin! I probably would not repurchase this, I prefer liquid foundations to powder. But if you’re into powder foundations, this one is great!

Frola Cosmetics Professional 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette $13.95

This was my first makeup purchase from Amazon ever. And also the best purchase! There’s 120 different shades. Includes mattes, metallics, and shimmers. The shade ranges are amazing and they are all very pigmented. Some colors are a little powdery and have some fallout, but still perform beautifully. All shades blend flawlessly and easily.

Above are just some of the swatches. The only thing I wish it had was more brown shades, but other than that I absolutely love this palette. I’ve even used some of the lighter shimmery shades as highlights! I always apply the metallic shades with my finger first, then wet a brush and pat it on that way to add more vibrancy. It’s just overall an amazing find and I definitely recommend getting this!

Pictures above is the finished product using all the makeup items listed. EXCEPT for the mascara, which was completely dried out. Believe me, I was fully prepared to show you the mess of mascara all over my face!

I wanted to do two different eye looks just to showcase more of the eyeshadow palette. The left side I used a deep copper tone metallic on the lid and blended it in with a matte brown shade in the crease. Of course I had to add one of the white shimmers in the inner corner.

The right side I used a dark grey metallic shade, blending it in with a dark brown in the crease. Again added shimmery highlight to inner corner, and used the white matte shade on the brow bone.

Over foundation I blended in the cream contour shade and used a lighter brown for a cream bronzer. I blended the powder foundation over the cream contour areas, my cheeks and top of forehead.

I used the liquid highlight on the cheek bones, bridge of the nose, and cupids bow. And lastly, lined my lips with the lightest lipliner shade and topped it with a nude pink lipstick.

I hope you enjoyed this, and if you have any amazing Amazon finds I’d love to hear them!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated. These are my 100% honest opinions.

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Free Products For Reviews

Do you love getting free products in the mail? I know I do!

I’m going to share with you all the sites I use to receive free products by mail in exchange for reviews. All these sites are free to join, and all they ask is to do a quick task after receiving the product. Most of the time they ask for a quick survey on the product, a review on the products website, or to post a review on a social media page. It really only takes a minute or two of your time in exchange for free products! I have tried many product review sites over the years and these are my favorites that actually work.


The first website I personally use is Influenster. On Influenster you create a profile, answer some questions about your lifestyle and you can connect your social media accounts or even a blog. The more followers you have the better chance of getting chosen for products. But even without connecting all of those you can still get some pretty great stuff, just not as often.

These are some of the makeup products I received through the mail! They are some pretty high end products! And again, they were all FREE. Check it out here:


Crowdtap in another free site where you can answer questions, share your opinions, and earn rewards and free product samples. Again you can create your own profile and connect social media. You can also earn points everyday and exchange them for gift cards. Some of the things I got from Crowdtap were Micellar water and O.B tampons, which I have already used up! Check out Crowdtap here:


Smiley360 is a lot similar to Crowdtap, the more social media you connect, the more chances you have of qualifying for free products. You get to take surveys, complete missions, and receive points and badges. They work with all kinds of brands, from food to beauty to cleaning products! Click here to check out Smiley:


This is another great site for getting free products for reviews. On BzzAgent you receive campaigns for specific products that they will send you. Afterwards, the campaign ask you to post review to social media, product reviews on websites, or complete a survey. This is a site where you don’t have to login and check everyday. If you get any campaigns, they will notify you by email. Check out BzzAgent:

L’Oreal USA Consumer Testing

This site is directly through L’Oreal. Again with the others, you sign up for free and answer beauty related questions. I will say that I have not had many testing opportunities that I qualified for unlike the other places I’ve mentioned. However, I did get to test a product that was in the making before it even launched and hit the shelf! All the requirements are to answer a survey on the product, that’s all!

Pictured are a few products I received from L’Oreal! Check it out here:


The last thing I have to mention is not a product testing website, however it is a survey app that I use to get free products from Amazon. If you have an android device you get redeem for Amazon gift cards. BUT if you have an apple device, they redeem for iTunes gift cards.

Its super easy to use, you just complete surveys for $2 or .40 cents depending on the survey. If you don’t qualify for the survey based on the criteria they are looking for, you still get .10 cents! Once your balance adds up to $10, you can redeem a $10 gift card. I use this app everyday and the $10 adds up quick, usually within a day or two. I ordered so many products on Amazon already, obviously mostly makeup!

These are all of the things I have gotten so far, and I have more on the way! Download QuickThoughts here:

If there are any related sites or apps you use for free product testing, please share!

ALSO I will be doing reviews on all of the products I received through these sites and through Amazon, so stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored or affiliated. These are all of my honest opinions on the things I use everyday.

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