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The Best Beauty Youtubers

I’ve been following beauty youtubers for a long time. Over the years, I’ve found some favorites. These youtubers are ones that I trust completely and will watch whatever they upload.

Recently I’ve decluttered my subscription list about 90%, because most of the videos popping up in my feed I never clicked on. I’ve only kept just a handful of my cult favorites. So I wanted to share those beautiful people with you today!

These youtubers are the only ones that I watch religiously, and I completely trust their recommendations. In no particular order, here are my top 6 favorite beauty youtubers.

1. Carli Bybel

I first found Carli’s channel through Nicole Guerriero years ago. I’m not gonna lie, I prejudged her before I ever watched one of her videos. I just assumed she was one of those gorgeous women that was all into themselves and thought they walked on water. But I was completely wrong.

After watching one video of hers, I was completely hooked. Obviously she’s extremely beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful on the inside. She’s just the sweetest, down to earth, kind hearted person. She’s someone who inspires me to be more like her as a person.

Carli gives a lot of great and different techniques for applying makeup. I watch every single video she posts, even her vlogs. Definitely check her out, if you haven’t already!

2. Nicole Guerriero

As soon as I discovered Nicole’s channel, I literally binged watched her videos for hours! She has tons of makeup tutorials for a variety of different looks. She also occasionally posts vlogs, which are just as interesting to watch.

She’s totally relatable and just one of those people who feel like they could be your friend. Again she’s a youtuber who I always watch every single video they upload.

3. Jessica Braun

Jessica Braun aka Jambeauty89, is someone who I just genuinely love to watch. She’s funny, honest, real, and has one of those beautiful contagious smiles. She goes completely in depth on whatever product she talks about. She is always 100% honest in every video.

I feel like I always learn so much watching her videos. Jessica does tons of reviews, tutorials, and declutters. If there is something that she highly recommends, (and I can afford it) then I always go out and buy that product. I honestly trust her opinions and reviews that much!

Jessica is one of those youtubers who I feel deserve a much bigger following of subscribers. Trust me when I say, you will not regret subscribing to her!

4. Emily Noel

I just cannot say enough good things about Emily. She’s hands down the most informative and knowledgeable beauty youtuber I know. I have learned soooo much about makeup from her over the years.

Emily gives such detail and information in every single video. She’s completely honest in her opinions of everything she talks about. Again, if she recommends something I will definitely purchase it!

She also has such a great personality, she makes me smile and laugh all the time. She post some blogs here and there too of her and her family which are always fun to watch.

I subscribed to her years ago when she only had a couple hundred thousand followers. And I always thought, why doesn’t she has millions of subscribers?! Now she’s reached the 1 million threshold and she totally deserves that and more. She has also come out with a few palettes of her own recently. I honestly could be more proud or happier for her!

5. Thataylaa

Thataylaa aka Taylor, is probably the one beauty youtuber I can relate to the most. She talks about her problematic acne, acne scars, redness, and textured skin.

She reviews a lot of foundations, which I love! It’s so hard for me to find a foundation with the coverage and right formula for dry skin. She gets down to every single detail of foundations, including all day wear tests. So when she recommends a foundation that she loves and works for her, I’m excited to try it out too! She also does a series called 15 Days of Foundation where she tests luxury and drugstore foundation every single day.

Taylor has loads of honest reviews, get ready with me’s, recommendations, and vlogs. I love her personality too, just a very laid back yet funny person. You can tell she works really hard on her channel, and I believe she should have way more subscribers! So go check her out!!

6. Bailey Sarian

First off Bailey is gorgeous! She’s also really funny and friendly, which is what I love about her. I discovered her a few years ago when she was just starting out and has like 12,000 followers. Although her channel has grown A LOT since then, I still think she deserved much more subscribers!

Bailey is a professional makeup artist, so she gives really great techniques on makeup application. She has a wide variety of different tutorials.

I love, love, love watching her videos, it honestly feels like you’re sitting down with a friend and talking about makeup. Please check her out, she’s awesome!

There are a few other beauty youtubers who I watch occasionally, but I really wanted to share who I love and thought you’d love as well. A few honorable mentions, Jeffree Star, Rachhloves, and Tati.

And then there’s one youtuber, who I feel like if I don’t mention I’m going to be mad at myself. Even though he’s not beauty related, I still have to talk about him!

Shane Dawson is hands down my favorite youtuber who I love so much. I check everyday to see if he posts a new video and scream with excitement when he does.

Not only is he HILARIOUS, he’s the most genuine caring person. He truly cares about his subscribers and takes his YouTube career very seriously. He’s taken a new docu-series type approach to his channel in the last 6 months which has brought him millions of more followers. I couldn’t be more proud of or happier for his recent success.

Shane’s just one of those people who I could literally watch a video of him just doing nothing and still be entertained. If I had to pick only one youtuber in the world to meet, it would without a doubt be him!

He’s just amazing and if you haven’t subscribed or watched him, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! Seriously go subscribe if you haven’t already!

Who are your favorite beauty youtubers? Let me know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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