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Free Products For Reviews

Do you love getting free products in the mail? I know I do!

I’m going to share with you all the sites I use to receive free products by mail in exchange for reviews. All these sites are free to join, and all they ask is to do a quick task after receiving the product. Most of the time they ask for a quick survey on the product, a review on the products website, or to post a review on a social media page. It really only takes a minute or two of your time in exchange for free products! I have tried many product review sites over the years and these are my favorites that actually work.


The first website I personally use is Influenster. On Influenster you create a profile, answer some questions about your lifestyle and you can connect your social media accounts or even a blog. The more followers you have the better chance of getting chosen for products. But even without connecting all of those you can still get some pretty great stuff, just not as often.

These are some of the makeup products I received through the mail! They are some pretty high end products! And again, they were all FREE. Check it out here:


Crowdtap in another free site where you can answer questions, share your opinions, and earn rewards and free product samples. Again you can create your own profile and connect social media. You can also earn points everyday and exchange them for gift cards. Some of the things I got from Crowdtap were Micellar water and O.B tampons, which I have already used up! Check out Crowdtap here:


Smiley360 is a lot similar to Crowdtap, the more social media you connect, the more chances you have of qualifying for free products. You get to take surveys, complete missions, and receive points and badges. They work with all kinds of brands, from food to beauty to cleaning products! Click here to check out Smiley:


This is another great site for getting free products for reviews. On BzzAgent you receive campaigns for specific products that they will send you. Afterwards, the campaign ask you to post review to social media, product reviews on websites, or complete a survey. This is a site where you don’t have to login and check everyday. If you get any campaigns, they will notify you by email. Check out BzzAgent:

L’Oreal USA Consumer Testing

This site is directly through L’Oreal. Again with the others, you sign up for free and answer beauty related questions. I will say that I have not had many testing opportunities that I qualified for unlike the other places I’ve mentioned. However, I did get to test a product that was in the making before it even launched and hit the shelf! All the requirements are to answer a survey on the product, that’s all!

Pictured are a few products I received from L’Oreal! Check it out here:


The last thing I have to mention is not a product testing website, however it is a survey app that I use to get free products from Amazon. If you have an android device you get redeem for Amazon gift cards. BUT if you have an apple device, they redeem for iTunes gift cards.

Its super easy to use, you just complete surveys for $2 or .40 cents depending on the survey. If you don’t qualify for the survey based on the criteria they are looking for, you still get .10 cents! Once your balance adds up to $10, you can redeem a $10 gift card. I use this app everyday and the $10 adds up quick, usually within a day or two. I ordered so many products on Amazon already, obviously mostly makeup!

These are all of the things I have gotten so far, and I have more on the way! Download QuickThoughts here:

If there are any related sites or apps you use for free product testing, please share!

ALSO I will be doing reviews on all of the products I received through these sites and through Amazon, so stay tuned!

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored or affiliated. These are all of my honest opinions on the things I use everyday.

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